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Energy Bracelets

These energy bracelets were thoughtfully created using specific genuine semi-precious stones believing to containing metaphysical properties that are said to aid with certain physical and emotional energies.

They are created from unique natural stones and as such contain variations in color, veining and shading. Some stones will contain inclusions, pits or fissures as a result of geological formation. The actual bracelet delivered may differ slightly from the sample shown. Samples are used as a representation of the product and will not be an exact match. The color setting on your monitor may also affect the image you see compared to the actual product.

The use of stones or crystals as a wellness therapy is one of personal choice.  The information on my website comes from research, books, articles and personal experience. Using or wearing stones or crystals does not mean that you can treat, cure or prevent any disease or emotional trauma. Please consult a health care professional for medical issues.

If there is a specific bracelet you would like created, please contact me for a custom order.

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Energy Bracelets: Product Gallery
Energy Bracelets: Product Gallery
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