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Wrapped Stone Pendants

All stones are genuine semi-precious stones sourced with great care to provide authenticity. All are hand-wrapped with sterling silver wire.  These are natural stones and as such contain variations in color veining and shading. Some stones will contain inclusions, pits or fissures as a result of geological formation. Due to their uniqueness, each stone pictured will be the one you will receive. The color setting on your monitor may also affect the image you see compared to the actual product.

All pendants come with a snake chain - please specify desired chain length with your order. If you do not specify, I will include an 18 inch chain.

If there is a specific stone or wrapping style you are looking for or would like created, please contact me for a custom order.

I will do my best to update stones sold during shows, but cannot guarantee availability during scheduled shows - please see show schedule page.

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